I began sculpting Original One-of-a Kind Dolls in 1996. After 12 months of practicing the human form in Earthenware clay I changed over to Polymer Clay and have never looked back!!
Over the years I have experimented with Polymer Clay and Air-dry Clay in many ways.

I have been teaching sculpting in Polymer & Air-Drying Clay for approximately 24 years.
I now hold weekly classes in Sculpting, Polymer Canes for bead making and sculpture PLUS Paverpol Garden Sculpture and Precious Metal Clay Silver.
I also run classes for CIT and am currently the Co-Ordinator for The Contemporary Craft Retreat, Canberra, Australia which is held once a year(and has been running since 2011).

I am a Senior Instructor with the CONTEMPORARY CLAY INSTRUCTOR PROGRAMME of Australia & Accredited PAVERPOL Instructor/Area Manager plus have Certificate 2 in Fashion & had Aerobic Instructor Certification/Registration.

My works have been published in ....

Dolls,Bears & Collectables
Australian Beading
Soft Dolls & Animals (American)
Polymer Cafe (American)
Steampunk magazine 2011 & 2012 (American)
Doll Digest
All About Art Ezine
American Contemporary Doll Collector 
Doll and Bear News.
....And displayed in The Tuggeranong Arts centre

2017 Exhibited at Strathnairn Gallery ACT.

2018 and 2019 Exhibited in Sculpture on the Clyde, Batemans Bay.

2019 Published in POLYMER JOURNEYS..... 

Polymer Journeys is a large format, soft cover book, 112 pages, filled with gallery style pages of art accompanied by the artist’s insights and observations. It also features sketches, studio photos, and images of the work in progress. More than just an art book for polymer enthusiasts, Polymer Journeys, The Art & Craft of Polymer – 2019  gives a broader sense of what goes into designing and creating this kind of work and allows for a unique view across the globe of where polymer art is now and where it might be going.

The 108 artists selected for the book are highly skilled, creating art that is unique, inspirational, and representative of polymer artists across the globe. They include jewellery and other adornment, decor, wall art, illustration, sculpture, and miscellaneous forms. In other words, a slice of some of the best polymer art in all its forms!

(IN CASE YOU MISSED IT : We have three Australian Polymer Artists who have done us VERY proud. They have made it in to the most prestigious current polymer publication in the world "Polymer Journeys 2019". They have been selected as some of the best of the best polymer artists on the planet! So let's get behind and support these three ladies! It takes a lot to be noticed from Downunder! CONGRATULATIONS Sabine SpiesserDebbie Crothers and Lex Sorrentino!! ..... if you were one of the best sportspeople in our country, everyone would know you. But you are one of the elite in polymer clay, so I at least feel you should be acknowledged in our polymer world..      

Thankyou Belinda 

2020 published Passion for Polymer March issue

2021/2   International Polymer Clay Association, GLOBAL EXHIBITION, 2nd in Members choice 3D (Sculpture)

2023      International Polymer Clay Association, GLOBAL EXHIBITION, Winner 2D ART

2023      International Polymer Clay Association, GLOBAL EXHIBITION, Runner-up 3D ART

2023      Sculpture for Clyde Runner-up Peoples Choice (110 indoor/outdoor sculptures)

I feel so blessed and grateful to teach
and be able to inspire and contribute to someone's life.

:) :) :) "Sharing, Creating Contented Souls" :) :) :)

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The Winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show in Anaheim California 2012

Written by Jennifer Tattam, METALCLAY AUSTRALASIA.

Lex was approached by Makin's USA in January 2012 after they became aware of an article featuring her outstanding Makin's Clay "Dragon Keeper" Sculpture. The article was in the USA's Polymer Cafe Magazine.
In Jan 2012 Makins asked Lex if she would send them a couple of her Makin's sculptures to use at the Winter CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show in Anaheim California. (As you can see her work is a beacon of beauty and sculptural perfection). Makin's Clay USA have since commissioned Lex to create more work that will be used in Magazines and other events to promote Makin's Clay.

I am thrilled for Lex and the international exposure this will give her, she SO deserves this. Lex has been an advocate and big fan of Makin's Clay since I first started distributing it in 2006. Her ideas with Makin's Clay and use of Liquid Makin's especially, is ground breaking. We have some outstanding creative talent in Australia to celebrate and many are part of our own CCIP program.

Lex is amongst the very best in her field and those of us who are fortunate enough to have access to her classes, talent and as a wonderful unpretentious, caring, generous human being are truly blessed.

A million Congratulations Lex!

2017 National Art Education Association Conference in New York City featured in Nasco Arts & Crafts and Triarco Arts & Crafts booths.